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Professor Philip Preshaw


Philip received his dental degree (BDS) from the University of Newcastle in 1991 and PhD in Periodontology in 1997. He then worked as Assistant Professor in Periodontology at the Ohio State University, Columbus, USA, before returning to Newcastle in 2000.

His research priority is to conduct high quality translational research that is positioned at the interface between clinical periodontology and laboratory-based studies of periodontal disease.

Philip has a particular interest in the links between periodontitis and diabetes, with ongoing studies to elucidate the molecular mechanisms that underpin these links. He also conducts research of the molecular composition of saliva, with the aim to identify methods for earlier diagnosis of periodontal diseases.

Philip is the Director of Dental Clinical Research Facility (Newcastle School of Dental Sciences and Dental Hospital), Consultant in Restorative Dentistry and Course director for Undergraduate Periodontology.

Professor Philip Preshaw

Professor Philip Preshaw