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Mike Sharland

Diploma in Photography

Mike Sharland qualified with a Diploma in Photography in 1971, and spent 6 years working as a Medical Photographer, then Head of Multimedia Services at the School of Dentistry Birmingham.

Now he is ‘Technical Lead Clinical Photography’ at the School of Dentistry, University of Birmingham. He has taught Dental Photography to practitioners for over 30 years.

Dedicated to digital imaging and computing since 2000. He has researched into the use of photography in dental practice in 2002 and published 4 articles on Digital Photography for the General Dental Practitioner in 2004, and an update article Summer 2008. He has a dental photography app and has a website .

Current Postgraduate and Private Courses include Clinical Photography, Image manipulation using Adobe Elements, presentation techniques using Microsoft PowerPoint and basic IT training and also Undergraduate lectures at the University of Birmingham School of Dentistry.

Mike Sharland

Mike Sharland