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Course Fees

Course Fees

Course Fees

Costs for Year 1 - Post Graduate

The total cost for Year 1 is £7,140 + VAT and is able to be paid over the 12 months. Following the deposit payment, some delegates choose to pay for standing order for 11 payments starting with a payment on the 1st September. You can also pay quarterly or in full.

Costs for Year 2 - Diploma

The total cost for Year 2 is £8,400 + VAT and can be paid in 4 quarterly instalments over the year or we can set up monthly payments.

Costs for Year 3 - MSc

The total cost for Year 3 is approximately £2000 based on current University issued pricing.

The Credits awarded in year 1 and 2 are used towards the MSC in year 3.